Adventures of Kimmee

Hello and welcome to my next adventure…. blogging about my adventures. I can tell you first off, that I am by no means a writer. Actually, I struggle with writing so much so that I am even amazed that I got through an entire Master’s program where it was almost 100 percent writing, but that will be a blog entry in itself.

Mind you, I can compose novels in my head. The struggle is when I go to put them on paper, or the screen for that matter, it gets lost in translation. My full ADHD mind at work! It runs marathons in my head then turns into a snail at the thought of telling anyone other than myself. This project will be one of the ways that I get out of my head and open myself up to others and just leave a little bit of myself out there for those of you who may be interested in what I have to say or the things that I experience.

I get asked all the time, “How do you deal with being on the go all the time?” or “Where is the best place that you have been?” I can honestly say that these answers change all the time… sometimes daily! I experience new things and open myself up to new adventures that I never know what is ahead and I find something to love about each and every adventure, even the ones that I am not loving at the moment. Try to see a bright spot in every dark room, I tell myself.

So welcome to this new adventure with me. It may not always be fun and pretty, but a work in progress as I am.


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